Joana López Pigüi

During my studies in Psychology, which I completed at the Complutense University of Madrid, I became rapidly interested in research, particularly on the rooting of psychological phenomena to the physiology of the Nervous System. This led me to carry out my final dissertation and Practicum as a research assistant in the field of Neuropsychology with a work on “mirror neurons” and their relationship to the Theory of Mind and social emotions. After that, I decided to carry out a MSc degree at the Institute of Neurosciences of Castilla y León, with the idea of gaining a more extensive understanding on theoretical and practical aspects of Neurosciences. There, I had the opportunity to learn a number of techniques and to follow a variety of courses that provided me with interesting tools, as well as a broad idea of the field. The research project associated with the degree was a study of the function of the medial olivocochlear reflex in sound localization in noisy environments, which provided me with the opportunity of knowing in depth a variety of histological and functional techniques.

I want now to continue my training as an experimental psychologist. My idea is to become a full time researcher in Neuropsychology and Experimental Psychology. The current moment of scientific research is extraordinary and I want to be part of the scientific effort to understand the human brain. I am particularly interested in exploring the cognitive functions and processes of the human mind and their relationship to the physiology of the Nervous System. I am at the moment doing my PhD about Mirror neurons, Mu rhythm, Action observation/anticipation/prediction, Autism and Electroencephalography, both in the University of Hull (UK) and Universidad de la Laguna. Also collaborating with the Instituto de Neurociencias de la Universidad de la Laguna.