smart and local reneWable Energy DISTRICT heating and cooling solutions for sustainable living

Responding to the EU’s Heating and Cooling Strategy (2016), WEDISTRICT proposes the development of fossil free, smart and flexible district and cooling (DHC) systems as a tool for reaching the EU climate goals. Considering that heating and cooling of buildings in the EU account for 50% of total energy consumption and 70% of this energy is generated from fossil fuels, it is of paramount importance to decarbonise this sector.

WEDISTRICT aims to demonstrate 100% fossil free heating and cooling solutions by integrating multiple sources of renewable energies and excess heat in new and existing DHC systems. All of this, in a holistic context, smartly managed by ICT-integration, sustainable business models and citizens engagement.

The project will demonstrate the viability of large-scale implementation of 100% fossil free DHC by integrating 9 upgraded renewable energy generation solutions for DHCs into 4 real DHC sites in Spain, Romania, Poland and Sweden. These success stories, distributed throughout Europe are expected to raise investor and customer confidence, and facilitate the widespread use of renewables based DHC, reducing the dependency on fossil fuels throughout the EU.