TouriSME is a 30-month long project cofinanced by the EU programme COSME. Led by Consulta Europa, along with 7 other European partners, it fundamentally aims at promoting the adaptation of European tourism SMEs towards more sustainable, low-carbon and resource-efficient business models.

To face these challenges, the project seeks to foster at least 62 SMEs’ capacities and skills from Spain, Italy, France and Cyprus to explore and take up solutions through a reinforced transnational and cross-sectoral collaboration among tourism SMEs and operators from different sectors. More specifically, the aims at:
• Scaling-up the SMEs’ activities and building capacity within their companies through knowledge transfer, exchanges and collaboration with other SMEs, business accelerators, incubators, development agencies and other tourism industry stakeholders across sectors and nations.

• Taking up innovative solutions that boost sustainable practices and circular business models, addressing the growing consumer demand for an eco-friendlier tourism experience and understanding the financial implications and cost saving opportunities.

• Support participation of SMEs in certification schemes and other EC initiatives that promote sustainable tourism and that leads to competitive advantages, such as EMAS or EU Ecolabel.

An Open Call for SMEs to receive funding to participate in the TouriSME programme has been launched. For more information and how to apply, please visit our website.