Innovative large-scale energy storage tech-
nologies and Power-to-Gas concepts after optimisation

Long-term and large-scale storage demands for high energy density, low costs and little self-discharging. One option is to use power-to-gas “PtG”, which allows for storing power by producing renewable hydrogen or renewable methane. Funded under Horizon 2020 from 2016 to 2020, STORE&GO was running three pilot plants with different innovative power-to-gas technologies. On top of the technology demonstration, the 27 European partners were investigating the potential of PtG in the European energy grid. The spirit of STORE&GO was nurtured not only by multinational but also interdisciplinary collaboration, which is required to meet the need for a great variety of expertise. For this reason, the STORE&GO consortium involved large industrial players, innovative small companies, and research institutes, which jointly focused on reactor concepts, electricity grids, techno-economic studies, business development and legal aspects. Each of the concepts being demonstrated at the three STORE&GO pilot sites involved new methanation technologies, and each was adapted to the respective demonstration site. The PtG plants are integrated into the existing power, heat and gas grids. This enabled the researchers to feed renewable methane into the existing natural gas grid in a climate neutral way without any restrictions. The synthetic gas can be made available for a wide range of customer applications.