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  • Project Coordinator: Filippos Anagnostopoulos (

Achieving the full energy transition potential calls for a paradigm shift, and many solutions are investigated to involve people and support them in reducing their energy consumption.
NUDGE aims to systematically assess and unleash the potential of behavioral interventions towards achieving higher energy efficiency; and to pave the way to the generalized use of behavioural interventions as a worthy addition to the policy-making toolbox.
The designed interventions are compared against traditional ones in pilots in Greece, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Croatia, with:

– diverse and innovative energy use scenarios (e.g., PV production for EV charging, demand response for natural gas),
– demographic and socio-economic variables of the involved populations, and
– platforms to make the interventions operational (smart mobile apps, dashboards, web portals, educational material and intergenerational learning practices).