In order to decrease the high dependency on imported fossil fuels of the 2400 islands within the European Union and the resulting high energy cost, renewable energies represent key technologies for these insular territories.

Launched in November 2020, the project MAESHA will deploy the necessary flexibility, storage, and energy management solutions for a large penetration of renewable energies in the energy systems of islands, often naturally rich with wind, sun and biomass. MAESHA is the acronym for “deMonstration of smArt and flExible solutions for a decarboniSed energy future in Mayotte and other European islAnds”, but also means “future” in Shimaore, the local dialect of the French island of Mayotte that will host the demonstration site.

MAESHA will develop an innovative smart platform aggregating multiple flexibility services to the grid that will help to reach up to 70-100% of renewable energies penetration.

Although the main demonstration activities are planned to take place in Mayotte, its replicability potential will be studied for 5 other European islands – that represent all in all more than 1.2 million inhabitants – and spread beyond these cases of study through the creation of a user manual for wider replicability and larger impacts.