Bright concepts for a safe & sustainable digital mining future

illuMINEation tackles key issues related to the urgently needed digitalisation of the mining sector in order to achieve the next level of safety, environmental and economic performance. The project’s goal is to develop an Industrial Internet of Things platform that provides the physical mining world with smart data processing and novel visualisation capabilities.

The core objective of illuMINEation are to:

I. Development of a novel multi-level distributed IIoT platform for improved decision-making processes, fostering the evolution of a virtual mining environment.

II. Improve health, safety & environmental performance via continuous mine-site-wide analysis and monitoring of various Occupational, Health, Safety & Environmental aspects via the Safe Zone Concept.

III. Enhance efficiency and increase the economic performance of European mining operations by connecting cyber & physical systems, sustainable & intelligent mineral resource extraction, deployment of autonomous drone in harsh underground mining environment, advanced predictive maintenance approaches & condition monitoring, and via enabling real-time coordination & support of mining operations.

IV. Promote the adoption of IIoT platforms in the mining sector at EU level via stimulating Europe’s mining digitalisation initiatives and increasing digital mining skills and capabilities.