AIDEN Digital is a data center provider, they acquired a land in Paphos (cyprus) in order to provide 5G support and cloud services for the healthcare and they needed to obtain 150 mW of energy coming from renewable energy, GEIOS technology as been selected to provide electricity, cooling using adsorption chillers (heat exchange), potable water and green hydrogen for backup purpose. With a heat flow of 84 MW/M2 and a gradient of 68°c per km (drilling at 4 km depth to capture 272°c) and with a yearly solar GHI of 1960 kwh/m2, GEIOS solution which is a hybrid model will use a geothermal close loop system that will provide electricity and cooling to the data center. The hybrid solar vacuum thermal panels will be used to reduce the depletion by reducing the delta temperature between the inlet and outlet, our unique system is allowing the data center to operate at low cost.