Renewable Electricity-based, Cyclic and Economic Production of Fuel; EcoFuel

In EcoFuel project, a consortium formed of nine partners from industry and research institutes aim to demonstrate a novel process chain for the synthesis of carbon neutral “drop-in” fuels. These fuels are targeted for automotive- as well as maritime- and aviation sectors. The process chain encompasses sourcing CO2 directly from the air, electrochemical conversion of CO2 into ethylene intermediate and finally, the chemical conversion of ethylene gas into a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons similar to the conventional fuels. Each of these processes are developed and optimized in terms of energy efficiency, product yield and mutual compatibility along the process cascade. Besides that, the CO2 electrolysis also has to be tuned for operating with intermittent regenerative energy. The simultaneous activation of CO2 and water in the electrolyzer has the potential to enable reaching an overall energy efficiency that is unprecedented in other Power-to-X processes that utilize H2 as intermediate. Sufficient synthetic fuel will be produced to enable evaluation in a test engine. Life-cycle assessment complemented with techno-economic analysis addresses the broader environmental, societal and economic impact of the entire process chain.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101006701.