ECOFACT (ECO-innovative Energy FACTory Management System based on enhanced LCA and LCCA towards resource-efficient manufacturing) is a EU Horizon 2020 Programme under Grant Agreement No 958373 running from 2020 to 2024.

The platform is built with high-level layer in a multiservice approach providing an innovative holistic combination of functionalities for advanced energy-efficient, sustainable process/product design and manufacturing management.

In particular ECOFACT will focus on three key areas;

• The development of an adapted methodology and high-level platform enabling manufacturing industries to optimize the energy performance of their production systems in line with their relevant constraints (time and resources), while at the same time;

• Introducing a novel green marketing approach through the concept of energy and environmental signature of the manufactured products from a life-cycle perspective. These results will be achieved thanks to the integration of energy-related information through the uptake of advanced ICT and digital solutions & contributing to reduced environmental footprint and;

• Enhanced integral sustainability in manufacturing management. Specific platform modules and use case validations will also allow for the particularities of advanced manufacturing processes and flexible production, while facilitating supply chain collaborations through dedicated services.