AQUAEXCEL3.0 is an EU, Horizon 2020-funded project that aims to promote, support and enhance the European Aquaculture industry. Building on the success of two previous European projects, AQUAEXCEL (FP7) and AQUAEXCEL2020 (H2020), AQUAEXCEL3.0 integrates 40 top class European aquaculture research facilities, providing a platform that enables world-class aquaculture research.

Worldwide, aquaculture provides over half of seafood for human consumption however, within the EU, aquaculture production is still lagging and there is a high dependency on imported fish. There is also a need to diversify the industry by focusing on species at the lower levels of food chains such as shellfish, macro-algae (seaweed) and recyclers (insects and marine worms).

AQUAEXCEL3.0 addresses these problems by facilitating innovative aquaculture research that will lead to sustainable, industrial applications. Through its Transnational Access programme, AQUAEXCEL3.0 supports international research teams to engage in collaborative work at high-quality facilities, ensuring that research is aligned with industry needs.

The project aims to facilitate up to 200 Transnational Access projects that will consolidate Europe’s position as a global leader in aquaculture research: promoting both excellent science and commercial innovation.